• What can I do on Gloppix?
  • As a visitor you can only consult the meetings suggested by Gloppix.
    As a registered user you can create your own meeting defining the place, the date, the type of pictures that you want to take and more. The other registered users can see your meeting and decide to participate, you can meet and take pictures together exchanging opinions and knowledge.
    If you don't want to create a meeting, you can consult those created by other users and decide to participate if you find one or more of your interest.
    For a practical example, watch the explanatory videos present in the section About Gloppix.
  • Can I upload the pictures taken during a meeting?
  • At the moment it is not possible to upload the pictures on the website, but you can post them on the Facebook page.
  • Is it possible to create meetings with paid admissions?
  • No. It is not possible to create meetings with paid admissions.
    All the meetings must be proposed for free. Any inserted meeting which will require to pay to participate will be removed. In case of repeated insertions, the organizer will be banned.
    The only exception allowed is when the chosen location requires an admisson fee, in which case you only have to specify that into the description of the meeting.
  • How does the Friends List works?
  • Wherever you see another user's name, for instance into the 'Participants' section in the meeting details page, you can click on it and the details about the user will appear.
    On this page, aside the user's avatar, you will find this icon , if you click on it, that user will be added to your friends list.
    If you want to remove a user from your friends, access the friends list page and click on the icon next to the user's avatar.
    Those users added to or removed from your list will not be notified.
  • How do I send private messages?
  • When you hover over a user's name a tooltip will appear. Inside the tooltip you will find this icon , you will only have to click on it and the form to send the message will appear.
    In some cases the icon will not appear, all you have to do is to click on the user's name to open the detail page, where you will find the icon to send the message.
  • What are the cover credits mentioned in the form to create a meeting?
  • If you use a your own picture as cover for your meeting, you don't need to fill the fields about the credits, but you can add your name and a link to your website if you want. Instead, if you use a picture taken from internet, it could be covered by copyright which forbids to use the picture and in this case you shouldn't use it unless you have the author's permission.
    There are other cases where the pictures are release under other kind of license and can be used without restrictions or with the request to say who the picture belogs to and you can provide this information using the two cover credits fields.
    You can find a lot of pictures usable with no restrictions or with the request of attribution on many websites, like: Flickr, Pexels, Pixabay and others.