Highgate Cemetery


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Flowers / plants
The Highgate Cemetery was established in 1839 as a new cemetery in north London.
The cemetery consists of two parts named East and West cemetery, the West part is the oldest.
There are approximately 53,000 graves in the cemetery, built in different styles, mainly Gothic.
Many famous people is buried in the Highgate Cemetery, among them: Karl Marx and Michael Faraday, then many poets, actors, writers, musicians and also criminals.
Due to its atmosphere, the cemetery is also famous for some legends, such as the legend of the Highgate vampire between 1969 and 1977.
Because of the gardens and the many trees and plants grown up in the wild, the cemetery is designated Grade I on the Historic Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Interest in England, all of this vegetation became the house for a variety of bird, foxes and other animals, therefore it also gives the chance to take naturalistic pictures.