Red Lotus Lake


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  • Red Lotus Marine Amphoe Kumphawapi, Chang Wat Udon Thani 41110 Tambon Chiang Haeo Thailand
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Flowers / plants
The lake is about 6800 he (16800 acres) and it is covered by millions of lotus flowers.

The best period to vidit the lake is from December to February, when the lotus are fully blooming.
It is possible to take a tour around the lake on boats belonging to the local fishermen, the tour lasts 45 minutes.

In addition to the lotus flower you could also see the animals, the area is home for more than 80 species of birds, some of them rare and/or endangered like the grey heron, the purple heron, the Brahminy kite and the cotton pygmy-goose.
Thanks to the perfectly transparent and not more than 60 cm (2 ft) deep water it is also possible to easily see the fishes which populate the lake.